Sibylle Eimermacher Replacements


Replacements, 2017
An artist’s book featuring 47 images of the artist’s hand holding ‘desert roses’, with essay by philosopher Sybrandt van Keulen.

A5 soft folded cover.

Edition 250.

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Sibylle Eimermacher Replacements features the artist’s hand holding a collection of desert roses.  She made this book following her original exhibition series of 47 photos on baryte paper, mounted on aluminium, 2015.

These photographs show 47 variations of my hand holding and presenting a collection of desert roses. Desert roses consist of a crystal of gypsum and sand. Skin and stone relate to each other and appear ro grow together by means of their surface structures. The folds in the skin become part of the image as a result of the hand carrying the weight of the stones. The title Replacements is a geological term. It applies to the process of fossilization, when mineral matter is substuted for the original matter.

Sibylle Eimermacher exhibited at GroundWork alongside herman de vries ‘on the stony path’ and Baskeyfield and Popham’s, Shaped by Stone. in 2017. She has her own feature artist page here.

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