Calum McClure, Scott in the Pond, 2015


Calum McClure

Scott in the Pond

Etching, 2015   Edition of 20.

Dimensions: 20×30 cm.


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Calum McClure’s ‘Scott in the Pond’ is an etching contemporary with watery landscapes the artist made in 2015 in the botanical gardens in Benmore Argyll. Characteristically, it shows a figure upside-down. Calum McClure is a Scottish painter. His work evokes atmospheres, especially through the representation of light, shadow and reflections. While some of his images are almost abstract, others are quite clearly representational. He always makes intense scrutiny of details of grounds and vistas. He chooses views from particular places which are often suggestive for further exploration in the imagination. Calum understands how paint can convey the poetry of suggestion with an almost breathlessly light touch. He is an artist who dreams as he sees and concentrates deeply as he paints. He creates images which are positive, beautiful and lyrical, those of a precious environment to be nurtured and celebrated.

Calum McClure was born in 1987 and graduated in Drawing and Painting from Edinburgh College of Art in 2010. He was the winner of the 2011 Jolomo Painting Award and won a prize at the inaugural W Gordon Smith Award for painting. He continues to exhibit with The Scottish Gallery and was an invited artist at the annual Summer Exhibition at the Royal Academy in London in 2012. More recently he has exhibited prints at the Royal Academy, London; had work in the major Scottish art societies’ annual exhibitions; along with taking part in the  RA Summer Exhibition.  Most recently he has exhibited with Candida Stevens Gallery, Chichester and shown with Flowers Gallery, London in their annual winter exhibition of small scale work. He showed work in GroundWork’s second exhibition Out of the Wood .

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Dimensions 20 × 30 cm

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