Art for a sustainable environment

GroundWork Gallery is all about the environment and art. Addressing climate change is our biggest challenge. Discover here how artists are seeking new approaches. Join with us to share innovative ideas towards our goal of environmental sustainability.


Virtual Tour

Welcome to GroundWork Gallery’s virtual tour. Please enter and explore the building to see the works on show. Use a mixture of the arrow keys on your computer and your mouse to get around. There are three exhibition and project periods per year, so the tour will change regularly. This tour features Extraction: Art on […]

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Nature’s Mysterious Networks: join the openings

Join us for the openings, in real life on 22 October, and virtually with Assembly Online on 28 October at 7.30 GMT

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Nature’s Mysterious Networks: Mushrooms, Mycelia and Yeasts

Friday 22 October 2021 - Saturday 18 December 2021


Friday 18 March 2022 - Saturday 25 June 2022