Kai Lossgott Aftermath


Kai Lossgott


Artist Book Special Edition



48 pages

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Kai Lossgott Aftermath is a Special Edition Artist Book. The book accompanies his moving video work of the same name. Currently showing in ‘The Art of Waste’ at GroundWork Gallery. Aftermath is a powerful work, highlighting human and waste relations. Blending text and rich images of waste on the micro and macro. The book contains an intentional ambiguity brought about by human empathy with waste’s condition. Further making the subject intensely powerful and moving. This raises many questions. Is the waste being personified and whose voice is being expressed?

Kai Lossgott Aftermath is an incredibly timely Special Edition Artist Book containing 48 pages of high quality photo collages, alongside text. Presented in an A6 staple bound paper book.

About the artist

Kai Lossgott is a writer, film-maker, visual and performance artist. Kai questions personal and environmental health through a broad range inter-disciplinary practices. Everything is for him a matter of expressing human agency within the socio- ecological crisis. Waste in Kai’s work has its own agency and is as much a metaphor as a physical phenomenon. His videos are screened on local street corners, at international museum and gallery events, as well as film festivals. Kai is also known for his public performance collaborations and curating moving image.

His work has been shown at the Dak’art Biennale, Dakar; Centre Pompidou, Paris; Institute of Contemporary Art, Zagreb; Johannesburg Art Gallery and Museum Africa, Johannesburg; Arnot Art Museum, New York; Whitechapel Gallery, London.