Harriet Tarlo and Judith Tucker, Outfalls: poems and paintings



Harriet Tarlo and Judith Tucker

Outfalls: poems and paintings, 2018

Concertina folded book with 15 images and 15 poems

Edition 250. Black card cover

Leeds, Published by Wild Pansy Press


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Harriet Tarlo, and Judith Tucker Outfalls, is a joint project of poetry and drawing. The Louth Navigation and River Ludd are their subjects, two neglected waterways in North East Lincolnshire. Over the last five years artist and writer have developed considerable interest in this area. For them it is a place of beauty. But also it is one that invites questions about what is natural, and what is unnatural.

 The working industrial past here has became absorbed into semi-wilderness. Remnants of formerly proud architecture has crumbled. Nature has taken over. Niches for local flora and fauna have appeared in culverts, bridges and locks. Such details, revealed by close observation and research, became their subjects.

We showed Outfalls at Groundwork in 2018.

The artists

Judith Tucker (visual artist) and Harriet Tarlo (poet) draw on thirty years of experience of working with landscape in their respective fields. They explore how the practice of drawing in relation to poetry might be employed in an affective understanding of place. They publish it through their exhibitions and books. Harriet and Judith produced the original work for an Arts Council funded show, Neverends, shown at Grimsby Heritage Centre in 2016.

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