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The Art of Waste

March 18 – July 15 2023 Art redefining what waste means. An exhibition which brings creative approaches to the problems of resource use and resilience. Artists: Jeremy Butler, Liz Elton, Caroline Hyde Brown, Lizzie Kimbley, Kai Lossgott, Eugene Macki, Jan Eric Visser, Rain Wu Art redefining what waste means We are thinking about what is […]

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Nature, art and the doorstep environment

Throughout lockdown, artists have been immensely resourceful by looking harder at local detail. Sometimes they found it on their excursions, often however it was right under their noses at home. Constantly, they contributed ideas to a wider narrative about the environment.

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Jan Eric Visser

Jan Eric Visser pursues a highly original and unique practice as a sculptor. He works exclusively from his private inorganic household waste. Visser constructs all his forms from household trash, but you would never know that. They have such refined forms, gentle curves and fine surfaces. Even on line you can see that the dramatic […]

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Previous exhibitions

Trash Art. Jan Eric Visser

10 March – 2 June 2018 Trash Art. Jan Eric Visser uniquely creates art from discarded newspaper and wax. He first began as a sculptor in 1987, since when, he has reflected on the value and potential beauty in trash. He is an artist deeply concerned about depletion of the earth’s resources. While waste is […]

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