Roger Coulam: Tempest, 2019


Roger Coulam

Tempest, 2019

17 original C-type photographic prints; taken, USA, 2001-2007

Artist’s book, handmade, concertina format, card cover with relief image

Edition of 2 signed and numbered

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Roger Coulam: Tempest 2019, is an artist’s book which documents a stunning series of photographs from when he travelled the world chasing storms. There are 17 original prints in the book, which Coulam himself has produced beautifully in concertina format. The prints are on one side only, so you can display them by opening out the book. Alternatively you can leaf through, turning the pages. He has made a limited edition of only 2, and supplied a hand-made relief-paper cover and marbled endpaper.

Storm-chasing was exciting and dramatic

As you will see from these images, storm-chasing was exciting and dramatic work. He became renowned for his expert judgment, knowing where to go when – the exact time and place. So much so, that he took guided tours for the benefit of other photographers. It was always a question of watching and waiting.

But it could often be dangerous work, as this quote, printed in the book, tells:

By 7pm the storm was a violent sculpted monster, sucking up all the clouds around it, living and breathing on its own. Several tornadoes had already spun up around us: a big wedge, a graceful snaking white rope, and a surreal pink funnel, lit by the setting sun. Within the storm the light was now breathtaking, a heady mix of spectacle, colours, and smells that only exist around severe weather. But, seduced by the beauty we forgot where we were. After our narrow escape earlier in the day we had become complacent, and were about to pay for it.

Roger Coulam, Kansas May 2004

About the artist

Roger Coulam exhibited a series of photographs of storms around lighthouses in North-East England as part of our exhibition Water Rising in 2019. Roger Coulam trained initially in environmental science at Newcastle University. He began working as a photographer in 1998,  turning professional in 2003. From then until 2007 his storm-chasing career took him around the world, Now he lives in the North-East of England, around Sunderland, and concentrates on his own creative practice. His interests range widely in the natural and historic environment and he has also made many series of semi-abstract images inspired by archaeological remains, details of nature and landscape.