Tim Simmons

Tim Simmons is an artist photographer who shows us detailed and precise visions of landscape, which aim both to present the world with great intensity and to reach beyond what we think we see, to access another dimension, both scientifically and spiritually. Tim Simmons’s work offers new tools for the environmentalist, crossing science and art, precision and emotion. Occasionally he produces a blockbuster, a vast projection, but at his best, he directs the gaze within quite an intimate space. This applies not only to the presentation size, but to the space within the image. Each picture is a container for shafts of light. Because of the detail, direction, concentration of light, his clearings are often eerie, spiritual, mysterious. He uses the machines, not only those of production, but of the measurement of time and place, to accentuate the moment, to calculate the point of its greatest stillness, or to encapsulate its minutest movement. But the effect is not cold and calculating as this might suggest. By finding the exact place and the time of its greatest portent, he deepens the content.  Paradoxically in searching for the greatest precision, he presents places which are more intensely and spiritually themselves. For the environmental campaigner, this offers a subtlety of place which heightens the minutiae we need to learn to care for. Simmons’s work gives us the tools and the argument, plus the intangible qualities which make us want to care.

Simmons is interested in time-space shifts, in the science of perception, in how the movement of the earth subtly controls the relationships humans are able to have with its phenomena. Included in this is a fascination with the speed of sound and how this correlates with the speed of the earth’s rotation.

He carries a weight of equipment and will often work at night, with the addition of artificial lighting in order better to control the impressions he can make. In the studio he will then work further to bring out colour and detail of the image so that its power is exactly as he wants it. http://www.timsimmons.co.uk/

The strange beauty of forests is represented by Tim Simmons’s dramatic photographs of dense woods and their undergrowth from Norfolk and the United States. Representing isolated places, Tim’s work has a symbolic dimension, connecting landscape with ideas about time, distance, motion, movement of the earth. He often enhances natural lighting conditions with the use of artificial lighting to sharpen the image and give it an intense clarity and a greater sense of mystery and expectation. His locations are always carefully researched, either for such exact phenomenological reasons, or they are chosen for atmosphere, and are often out of the way, inaccessible, deep into forests, mountains, icy places.