Take part in our projects, and engage actively with environmental concerns. There are often opportunities for you to join us in this work. We always need volunteers and we need help in the community-building which projects both need and enable.

Environmental projects result from exhibitions and events, following up on particular themes. The most interesting ones for us are those which most clearly show a role for art, where art can be influential. Read these pages and you will get a sense of what this means. For example, many projects involve creativity and invention, with waste. For others we aim to get a real sense of how we shape or construct our environment via materials and skills.

Some of these are campaigns, like the ones about street trees and planting pollinator-friendly environments. They may arise from on-going environmental initiatives with our partners. Increasingly we hope that these can demonstrate practical ways in which people can get involved to improve the environment. We all need to work together to cope with the inevitable environmental and climate changes we are experiencing.