Sibylle Eimermacher Stone Foldings


A limited edition artist’s book by Sibylle Eimermacher –

Stone Foldings,  2014

Text by Marie Hahn MØller.

A4 size; soft cover, 14 full page illustrations, index of 41 images in the full series.

Edition 500,

£25.00 a copy

Special edition of 20 to include an original artist’s print for £125.00

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Sibylle Eimermacher ‘Stone Foldings’ is a limited edition artist’s book.

The artist made this book following her 2014 project exploring Norwegian rocks through artistic photography. It reflects a long-term project contrasting stone and paper. Ultimately, it is about the material and the immaterial, permanence and transience.

Special edition of 20 available with an original artist’s print

The limited edition artist’s book relates to the artist’s 2014 project Stone Foldings. This is a series of 41 piezo prints on paper, 55,4 x 42 cm/ 27,9 x 21 cm. We exhibited a selection of these at GroundWork Gallery in 2017

One of these prints is included with the special edition for £125 a copy

The artist became fascinated by stones in Norway

In 2014, Sibylle Eimermacher was an artist residence at LKV in Trondheim . There, she became fascinated by quarries and other locations where stones are exposed.  The artist always chooses her medium carefully to reflect her impressions. So, during this time, she took photographs of rock, then folded and reprinted them to make new, more graphic images.  Consequently, the folds in paper echo the ridges of stone, and yet there is also an exchange between them. By these means she achieves a contrast between the original rough surfaces of the rocks and the smooth flatness of the paper. The rocks appear more fragile, and the paper takes on a more monumental quality.

 ‘The project is an investigation of the surfaces of nine types of Norwegian rocks through representation in the radically different medium of paper. By photographing rock surfaces, printing and folding these, I try to merge the characteristics of both mediums: the monumentality of rock with the fragility of paper. Through the play with illusion the folds in the paper become almost indistinguishable from the lines and curves of the original rocks. The impression of 3-dimensionality is illusive, the final prints are 2-dimensional.’

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