Deepen your virtual underwater experience with special afternoon VR visits, Fridays 9 & 16 December

Deepen your virtual underwater experience. See Colleen Flanigan’s ‘Zoe’ underwater sculpture close up through VR. Book an immersive viewing experience and taster introduction to Virtual Reality with Karen Eng. She will also introduce you to her own work in this medium. Friday afternoons: November 11, 18 & 25 November and 9 & 16 December. Details below.

Deep Water Colleen Flanigan Zoe

Friday afternoons, November 11, 18, 25; December 9 & 16: Between 2-4 pm, each session approx 45 mins; Cost £5.00 per person. Just turn up – or book in advance via

Colleen Flanigan is showing a remarkable work in current exhibition Deep Water about her under-water sculpture project, Zoe, which is developing a whole innovative programme of ecosystem regeneration. Using bio-rock mineral accretion technology, she is creating a coral reef as a Living Sea Sculpture.

In the exhibition you see the work as a film projected on the wall. However, it is a whole lot more powerful to experience it in 3D Virtual Reality. You will feel you are in the sea with her, underwater swimming around the sculpture. You will really be deepening your virtual underwater experience.

What you will gain:

Deepen your virtual underwater experience 1

Zoe Living Sea Sculpture in VR

180-degree immersive film experienced in a VR headset. Dive in with Flanigan and her crew and enjoy the serene atmosphere as they clean, monitor, document, and plant as part of regular maintenance of this electrified artificial reef habitat in Cozumel, Mexico.

What to expect: We’ll help you into the headset and stay nearby.

Deepen your virtual underwater experience 2

VR Coralization 2017-2020 Tilt Brush immersive, interactive artwork

Colleen Flanigan’s VR art rendition of a coral reef, created in a 3d sculpting program called Tilt Brush.

What to expect: We’ll help you into the headset and show you how to “swim” through the immersive space.

Zoe coral restoration

Karen Eng is herself an artist who works in a variety of digital technologies. She worked with Colleen during her time as a Ted Fellow. Karen’s work is distinguished in its own right and she will give you an introduction to some of her own VR projects.