Sarah Gillespie, Poplar Hawkmoth (blue), 2019


Poplar Hawkmoth (blue) Mezzotint, edition of 6




Poplar Hawkmoth (blue) mezzotint, 2019, edition of 6.

This beautiful mysterious and subtly shaded image of a Poplar Hawkmoth (blue), is one from a series of 20 mezzotints which the artist made in 2019-2020. The mezzotint medium is a very difficult and specialised one. The image has to be revealed from a dark ground bring it into the light. Therefore it is a very appropriate medium for moths. This Poplar Hawkmoth is one of the  smallest editions the artist has made, so available only for a limited time.

Interview with the artist

Read the in-depth interview by Karen Eng, where the artist talks about her inspiration and methods of working.

The poplar hawk moth is like a little mouse. It’s extraordinary, a beautiful gray moth that doesn’t have a mouth. It only eats during the caterpillar stage. It’s an entirely winged emanation.

Sarah Gillespie

More about The Poplar Hawk moth


Hawk-moths (Sphingidae)
Wingspan 65 – 90 mm

Habit The female comes to light before midnight, the male after midnight, in greater numbers. Rests with abdomen curved up and hindwings further forward than the forewings. Larvae can be found between June to early October.
Flies from May to July in one generation but a partial second can occur in the south between August and September.
Caterpillars feed on Poplars, Aspen, White Poplar, Black-poplar, Lombardy-poplar, sallows and willows, especially Goat and Grey Willows.
Habitat in Low heathland and moorland, fens, woodland, parks and gardens.
Widely distributed, England, Northern Ireland, Scotland, Wales & common wherever foodplant occurs.

Additional information

Weight 1.0 kg
Dimensions 50 × 50 cm

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