Japan: water

Postponed until Spring-Summer 2021 Provisional dates are 19 March to 25 June

Lisa Kirton, Jonathan Meuli, Isao Miura, Nana Shiomi, Hakan Topal

This exhibition, features artists who are thinking about the effects of water in Japan. The purity of water is essential for so much of Japanese culture, from food through to paper-making. And yet it is an increasingly endangered resource. Here we have images showing its glass-like reflective qualities, its clear rippling and its torrential power. There is much to be concerned about and much we can learn from.

Three of the artists, Isao Miura, Lisa Kirton and Nana Shiomi are of Japanese origin, and are now living in London. Hakan Topal is Turkish, living in New York, and has conducted two residencies in Japan to look at the effects of the Tsunamis. Jonathan Meuli is an exception in that he is a British painter living in Glasgow, but has been profoundly influenced by Japanese art and by considering the consequences of increasing water-flows around the world.

The exhibition coincides with the Japanese-UK season of culture, culminating in the postponed Olympic and Paralympic Games to be held in Tokyo in 2021.