GroundWork Guest

Come to meet our first GroundWork Guest,
Madeleine Spencer.

She will be showing and selling her current jewellery collection,
Saturday December 16, 11-4

GroundWork Guest is a new series of pop-up appearances by prominent artists and makers. Hosted by Associate Director, Catherine Regina Austin-Fell, our GroundWork Guest will bring some choice and exclusive items from their current collection for you to see and buy.

Madeleine Spencer is an artist and silversmith whose work we have shown as part of our GroundJewels collection since the beginning. Her pieces are eminently wearable both for every day and for ‘best’.

Madeleine’s work reflects her ongoing fascination with creating everyday pieces of wearable art that have had a previous life, and combining this with a translation of her varied drawings and mark-making onto the surface of the metal itself. Her style manages to be both distinctive and discreet.

Fine art jewellery

Madeleine trained as a fine artist and then taught herself silver-smithing. As you can see from the illustrations, she still draws and nature is a major inspiration for her work. However, after some twenty years, she works predominantly in sterling silver and solid gold. She aims to keep her business as honest and sustainable as she can. This ethical ethos extends to her recycling and valuing the materials not solely for their monetary value. It has led her to use reclaimed precious metals, celebrating the textures and details that come from her unique process of salvaging, melting-down and reforming old unwanted metal into something exciting and contemporary.

This GroundWork Guest event coincides with the final day of our current exhibition: The Ground Beneath Our Feet.