Sarah Gillespie, Straw Dot Moth, 2019


Sarah Gillespie, Straw Dot Moth, Mezzotint, 2019, 18 x 12 cm,

Limited edition of 20.


Sarah Gillespie, Straw Dot Moth, a limited edition mezzotint, 2019. This is part of a series of 20 images of  common British moths. While they do appear regularly in Britain, now they are sadly all in danger.  Over a year, Sarah Gillespie  became fascinated by these delicate and much misunderstood creatures and observed her subjects in enormous and careful detail.  She has become concerned at the 30% losses  in moth populations, which are greater than for any other species. This has happened because we are just so ignorant about moths. Her mission is to help us to see them more clearly. So, as a viewer, you will be well rewarded. The images repay endless close scrutiny mirroring that of the artist in  her close study. Mezzotint is a hard and specialised technique, and as a result, the prints are all in small editions.

Sarah Gillespie is an exhibitor in Bugs Beauty and Danger, where she is showing 14 of her moth images. You can read more about her and the context in which we are showing her work.

Writer Karen Eng interviews Sarah Gillespie

Read an in-depth interview with Sarah Gillespie by writer Karen Eng.

Sarah Gillespie, Straw Dot Moth, Mezzotint, 18 x 12 cm

The Straw Dot Moth is common but like all moths, is in danger

Family: Noctuidae
Wingspan 18-22 mm
A common species, more so in south of England than in the north.
Habitat in damp grassland, fens, waste-ground and gardens
Two generations a year, fly in June-July and August-September