Colour in Nature: from pattern to poison

13 October – 16 December, 2018

Stewart Hearn, Barbara Howey, Laura Huston, Femke Lemmens

Colour in Nature featured recent work by artists working in the different media of glass, textiles, paint, ceramic, who are inspired by the possibilities of materials and vibrant colour. It was not intentionally underpinned by theory, yet there was a thread of ideas and approaches common to all the artists. Resourcefulness is important to all of them and an attention to the potential nature offers. While they might be drawn towards an interest in aesthetics and pleasing forms, each one has a sensitive response to the possibilities which lie between their chosen material and its expression as physical artefact.  Heightening of the aesthetic is especially powerful  in the case of Barbara Howey’s Poisoned Idyll paintings, in order to represent the dangers nature faces from the seepage of some of the evil materials which cause pollution.

 Barbara Howey, Poisoned Idyll, 2017, oil and watercolour
Barbara Howey, Poisoned Idyll, 2017, oil and watercolour