Pop-up events by King’s Lynn Festival, 2017 & 2018

King’s Lynn Festival, July 15-28 2018

Pop-up taster concert, a collaboration with King’s Lynn Festival of arts and music, July 2018

Cellist Marcin Zdunik

Cellist in residence, Marcin Zdunik gave a wonderful lunch-time half-hour of cello music as a pop-up event in the gallery.

King’s Lynn Festival pop up concert, 2017

Annabel Knight playing to the nightingale

The exhibition Bird after Bird formed a very appropriate setting for  a wonderful pop-up concert one afternoon, organised by King’s Lynn Festival. Flautist Annabel Knight played bird-related music to an enthralled audience.  Look out for another pop-up event in the course of being planned for 2018.  http://www.kingslynnfestival.org.uk/