The aim is for each exhibition to  stimulate discussion and greater knowledge. We aim to get to know the artists and hear more in detail about their work. Special events explore the impact of the exhibitions more broadly in terms of the way we think about the environment.


Fire and Ice: The Art of Climate Change. Saturday October 28. 3-6pm.

Tom Burke delivering the Keynote presentation at Fire and Ice, The Art of Climate Change on 28 October


Gina Glover speaking at Fire and Ice, The Art of Climate Change on 28 Octobe

Jessica Rayner speaking


Hilary Mayo appearing remotely on film.


Hilary Mayo talking about her Topography of a Landscape series on film.


Jack Heslop talking

Gina Glover's concluding questions...


Fire and Ice: The Art of Climate Change

Held on Saturday 28 October: This event was latest in a series of talks and panel discussions stimulated by the exhibition themes.

Chaired by Tom Burke CBE, Director of E3G the prominent environmental organisation.  Contributors included: Gina Glover (Artist-exhibitor), Jack Heslop, (Engineer, WSP),  Jessica Rayner (Artist-exhibitor), Simon Read, (Artist). 

Increasingly we live in a world which has to cope with changing weather patterns, environmental shocks and disasters.

Whatever the causes, and wherever the effects are felt, our responses and solutions need to be practical ones if human society is to survive.

But what are the roles, in any field involved, for the imagination, for creativity, ingenuity?

To what extent can we maintain a harmony with nature?

Is it helpful for arts, sciences and engineers to interact, and if so, how?

Can our future be creatively re-imagined?