In 2018 Kaitlin was a selected artist for Cley Contemporary, Norfolk, and made this wind installation for siting on the beach

Kaitlin is engaged in a long-term study and experiment with the tools for measuring and recording landscape. Using map-makers’ conventions such as contour lines, together with artist’s devices for shading and representing depth, she builds conceptual mountains little bit by little bit, re-assembling complex geology as different graphic experiences in the gallery.


The field grew sugar-beet, which Kabir described as emerging 'like huge beasts, monsters disturbing the soil' He has cast them in bronze, to become the centrepiece of his art installation.


Weather Semaphore
Isabella’s work is often performative, testing the body as an artistic tool in different environments. Here a woman is using the naval semaphore communication system to spell the letters of the alphabet, apparently communicating about the weather. Why is she there? Is she simply trying to intensify a controlled coded message? Is it a plea for help or a banal communication to the shore? The scene could be anywhere, yet it raises fears about the dangers of rising tides in specific places.


Calum McClure - Light Shadows in The Botanics, 2015

Calum McClure is developing a contemporary approach to the study and experience both of wild and planted landscapes. His work is full of light, colour and reflection. He will be showing a number of recent forest and tree related works in Out of the Wood.

Kaitlin Ferguson

Kaitlin explores the continuous dialogue humankind has with the environment, seeking to draw out new interpretations of the landscape.  The methodologies and outcomes of Kaitlin’s work are multi-disciplinary and straddle several boundaries. The main divide falls between two bodies of work; representational outcomes of the landscape and site-specific outdoor sculptures. These explorations of the environment function to magnify the subtleties, fragility, power and tension in the landscape.

This image comes from an installation Kaitlin Ferguson made on Happisburgh beach in Norfolk, annually measuring its dramatic changes through climate change from 2014 onwards