The new education programme launches on 30 November but really begins in earnest in 2018. If you join in, you will have privileged access to the gallery's plans and resources


Cover pictures for the education pack


The texts for the first education pack. These will be used as starting points to develop new approaches to the environment through art.



We are starting a new programme, working together with educators across schools, colleges and the gallery, to make connections between art and environment. In an age when our environment is fragile and threatened, we need to pool our creative skills to understand it better - the first stage in improving attitudes and practices.

The inaugural event. Book a place via e mail from here

We are planning a programme which starts from each exhibition theme, including past exhibitions, each of which has inspired a different approach. We will begin by exploring the local environment and issues pertinent to the immediate surroundings, and then go on to consider the implications for wider concerns. Careful observation, discussion, drawing, writing, is at the heart of it.

If you are involved in teaching, do join the programme. To begin with we are prioritising secondary schools and colleges, but teachers of primary age and pre-school children are welcome to come along to discuss what we might do for the future. Make contact via the form here.