If you are keen on writing, on mixing words and images, using one to stimulate and inspire the other, then our writing workshops will be for you. They are becoming a regular thing and we have a star-line up of experienced and talented poets, writers and artists to inspire you. Sign up to our email list to be the first to know about future events at GroundWork.



Fragile Nature: flash fiction

A creative writing masterclass with Patricia Mullin

Participants will have exclusive use of the gallery

Patricia Mullin


Previous writing workshops

To give you an idea of the previous subjects and approaches, here are some of the other workshops we have run from 2018 and earlier.

Emilie Dufresne


Pivotal - art, writing, environment

Ways to collaborate

Saturday 25 November 2017


This workshop, run by mother and daughter Jeni Smith and Alice Finbow, was the starting point for collaborative conversations and ways to generate ideas between and across visual and text-based media. People who attended were not necessarily working already in a collaborative process, or indeed mothers ad daughters.....


Jeni Smith talking to mother and daughter participants, Sue and Imi Maufe.




Fragile Nature: flash-fiction

A new creative writing masterclass with Patricia Mullin

This workshop has been cancelled and a new date for the next season will be announced.

Patricia Mullin in the gallery planning masterclasses with a regular student

Our focus will be on flash fiction, sometimes called micro fiction. These miniatures are the shortest of the short story form, yet they are complete stories. Every word, character, description and nuance carries weight. The writer must develop the precision of a surgeon, cutting away dead words, unnecessary adjectives and embellishments; pare to the bone, engross your reader, leave them curious, haunted, frightened or amused.

The Whisk, the Spoon and the Grater

The handing down of recipes grandmother, mother, daughter.
How much grated lemon rind? ‘Is this a pinch mama?’
Almonds blanched or toasted?
The blending of butter, the tender folding of egg white.
Simple acts of love.
In a small brown case, Ira placed the whisk the spoon and the grater
she would never use.
The whisk, the spoon and the grater, were added to the pile.
Simple acts of hate.

About Patricia Mullin

Patricia Mullin is a graduate of Central St Martins, Goldsmiths College and Norwich University of the Arts. After graduating from the NUA Writing the Visual MA 2007 she was shortlisted for an Arts Council East Escalator Award in 2009. Her novel Gene Genie (Pub: The Stone Press 2005) was re-published as an e–book in 2012. Three short stories The Sitting, The Siren and Folding were selected (Judges: Lynne Bryan & Bellona Greenwood; Sarah Rigard and Emma Healey) for publication in Words and Women One, Two and Three in 2014/15/16 respectively.

Her novel Casting Shadows was commended in the Yeovil International Literary Prize 2014 (Judge: Elizabeth Buchan). Patricia was awarded an Arts Council England grant to re-draft Casting Shadows mentored by the acclaimed author Jill Dawson. Lick a short story, was shortlisted for the 2016 Bridport Prize (Judge: Tessa Hadley).

In 2017 Patricia was invited to take part in the Modern Repose seminar and lead ‘Object Lesson’ a workshop on creative writing from paintings and artefacts at Cambridge University at Murray Edwards College Cambridge University (formerly New Hall). The college holds the second largest collection in the world of art by women; the largest is held in Chicago USA. Patricia is an Associate Tutor at the University of East Anglia where she teaches short fiction courses inspired by the Robert and Lisa Sainsbury collection and special exhibitions at the Sainsbury Centre for Visual Arts.

Working with art and collections in museums, galleries and unique places of interest is Patricia’s area of expertise and complements her creative practice, where art and nature continue to inform her writing.

For a full list of writing, teaching and gallery credits please go to www.patriciamullin.com and select the Images and CV page.

2018 programme highlights

Saturday 10th November.

Time: 2.00-5.00

Environment and Memory

A poetry workshop with Emilie Dufresne

We held a psychogeography poetry workshop asking people to consider memory of place and experience of place over time. The workshop included walks around the town, inviting participants to experience their environment blind, and then later in the workshop try and retrace their steps and see how they experienced the environment differently.

The idea was to explore how memories change how we experience place, especially those places we have known previously and subsequently revisit. The method comes from a body of work of Emily’s and she read some of this at the workshop as well. 


2017 programme highlights

Pivotal - art and writing workshop with Jeni Smith and Alice Finbow

The workshop introduced a number of ways in which artists / writers could collaborate on projects. Mother and Daughter relationships are tricky at the best of times, however Jeni Smith and Alice Finbow took this to a new level by working collaboratively on a project on a remote Finnish Island. What they learnt from this process has been turned in to an artist’s book, Pivotal, but the learning is still happening!

Jeni Smith and Alice Finbow reading from Pivotal, their book about their residency in Finland

Collaborations within the arts have been going on since time began, but understanding how the work is created can at times seem veiled and difficult to understand when collaborative outcomes can often feel effortless. Who made what? What conversations were had? Were the expectations and hopes of both parties realised? It is a complex process, even finding the right person to collaborate with can feel like an impossible task at times!

This workshop acted as the starting point for collaborative conversations and ways to generate ideas between and across visual and text-based media. It involved storytelling, writing, photography (using camera phones) and was punctuated by gales of laughter. Dr Jenifer Smith and Alice Finbow gave a reading and slide show from their collaborative project Pivotal.