Tim Plunkett, Great Oak Bowl

Tim Plunkett, Great Oak Bowl


Great Oak bowl, 2015-16

A huge and beautiful oak bowl, made over two seasons so that the wood dries thoroughly and the result can be hollowed out by hand so that is becomes smooth and lightweight. It is both a statement piece and usable for fruit or salad, if kept lightly oiled.

58.5 cm diameter

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This bowl was cut from a giant oak log which the artist found at his normal sustainable wood supplier. It was so vast, he needed a winch to get it upright and then had to cut out 12 sections before he could remove it. Back at his workshop, he roughed out 12 bowls of different sizes and as normal, left them over the winter to season. When he returned to them to make the bowls the next year, this one was the only survivor. All the rest had cracked beyond use.