Lieta Marziali: brooch

Lieta Marziali: brooch


Pothole: on Emptiness and what We Leave Behind

This is a brooch with a title and a story.

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Brooch: Pothole, on Emptiness and What We Leave Behind

Asphalt, reclaimed copper, stainless steel

Much of her work is built around narratives. This is a brooch with a title and story.Lieta Marziali is an internationally exhibiting jeweller who also teaches and mentors young creative artists. She describes her practice as platform and a method for reflection and philosophical enquiry. Deeply rooted in mindfulness, her practice is where she learns to exist as an integral rather than dominant part of all that surrounds her, resulting in a radical ethical approach. She is passionately aware of the environment as a maker and in the way she lives her life, economically, without excess, and with a plant based diet.