Kirsten Sonne: 'Young Family' brooch

Kirsten Sonne: 'Young Family' brooch


Kirsten Sonne, 'Young Family' brooch, various metals with plastic figure wired on. h. 4 cm.

A brooch in metals, recycled from Copenhagen roofs and different antique origins with little figures of man woman and child strapped to it. The little child is waving and maybe the woman is the mother off on a journey. Make up your own story while you wear this delightful brooch.

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Kirsten Sonne is a graphic designer and jeweller based in Copenhagen, Denmark. She recycles everything to make her highly individual and artistic jewels. The variety and individuality of her work is guaranteed - no one piece is exactly the same as any other. She has her own shop in Copenhagen and also sells in art galleries and contemporary jewellery shops in Denmark in London.

Since I graduated from Danish Design School, I worked as graphic designer with non-commercial graphic design (book covers, leaflets, posters, cd-covers etc) from my studio in central Copenhagen. I love my profession, but as the computer changed the way of working – no more brushes, pencils, paper, ink – I slowly started missing the connection with the materials and working with my hands. In the 1990s I started working with scrap, at first exclusively metal, then wood, plastic, rubber, bone, horn, electronic gadgets, whatever I could find. All my works are handmade and therefore one offs. My inspiration comes from the material I work with, as well as fashion, street art, other jewellery, modern as well as antique and ethnic, charismatic personalities, books and fine art. I aim to create humorous and elegant decorations for the body, for fabulous and courageous people of all ages, there are no limits.