Helga Mogensen: Under The Surface


Helga Mogensen

Under the Surface

Statement necklace

Approx 48 cm in length

Icelandic driftwood, silk thread

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Helga Mogensen: Under the surface is a proper neck-piece ornament. To describe it merely as a necklace is to underestimate its potential as a sculptural adornment for the body. She loves the freedom to be creative with minimal resources. Yet she applies the maximum skill in composing materials into objects to wear, or even as wall pieces. The different scales of work, varying from earrings to brooches, to large scale neck-pieces bring different challenges. She has been working with a variety of materials such as silver, steel, copper, brass, driftwood and fish skin. Currently, she is using driftwood in combination with thread and sterling silver. Mogensen considers the thread, which creates a link between the driftwood pieces, to represent a human connection.

About the artist

Born and raised in Reykjavík, Iceland, Helga Mogensen studied at technical college in Iceland. She then went on to graduate in 2007 with a first class honours in jewellery and silversmithing from Edinburgh College of Art. There she happens to have been taught by Judy McCaig, also represented by us in GroundJewels. Now living back in Reykjavik, she has returned to her roots to make work all about her local environment and culture. Her main focus in her art work is using her personal experience in life.