Kirsten Sonne: Golden Pig Necklace


Kirsten Sonne

Mixed Media Necklace

Mixed Media/ Found Objects

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Kirsten Sonne’s golden pig necklace is striking enough to transform even the most ordinary outfit and make you look really special. Combining seemingly mundane materials such as a golden toy pig and black and red beads, it nevertheless makes a strong design statement. In her characteristic style, Kirsten has made her golden pig necklace exclusively from recycled elements.

Kirsten is a fantastic collector of delightful odds and ends that end up as jewels. Recycled materials inspire her and are the basis of her work. She makes everything by hand and never exactly repeats a piece. While she sometimes works on themes or in series, like all her works, you can count on this being a unique design.

About the artist

Kirsten’s work is always chic and individual, often witty and full of fun.. She understands balance and proportion. A former graphic designer, she has contemporary art and design as part of her background.  She is also inspired by high-end,  street fashion, and other jewellery, modern and ethnic.
Often she will make  special ranges of earrings, brooches, bracelets and necklaces  to fit Groundwork’s themes.
Living and working in Denmark, Kirsten has her own shop in Copenhagen . She sells through many art galleries, and in England also sells at the jewellery gallery @work in London.

Naomi Langford