Linda McFarlane: Double Layered Tumbled Stone Necklace


Linda McFarlane

Double Necklace

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Linda McFarlane’s double layered tumbled stone necklace is a statement piece. Due to it’s double layer, it has a lovely chunky feel to it. It is the perfect necklace for jazzing up any outfit. The dark tones make it sleek and stylish at the same time. The tumbled stones have a wonderful shine to them so the necklace picks up glimmers of light whenever it is worn. This double layered tumbled stone necklace is a great fabulous to add to any jewellery collection.

Linda McFarlane has been working as a jeweller for some 15 years. She began as a logical extension of her original training and lifelong interest in fashion-design and textile arts. She takes a restrained approach and likes to explore the possibilities presented by the use of simple materials and forms. Nevertheless, she enjoys making the most of varied textures, colours, and reflective qualities.

‘I like my work to be individual and affordable and distinct from that found on the high street. I enjoy experimenting with such materials as stainless steel, rubber, Perspex, glass, with bold forms to create surprising yet harmonious wearable sculpture.’

Linda places particular emphasis on combinations of opposites in her work. She likes to play with generic contrasts such as light and dark, rough and smooth, shiny and dull. She has made a special range of environmental jewellery for GroundWork gallery using natural materials such as stone, shell, lava and leather. Linda often experiments with new combinations of materials and designs. As well as in textiles, Linda’s background is in teaching and she lives and works in Norwich.

About the materials

Tumbled stones are lovely rounded and brightly polished rocks. They are made by placing small rocks or minerals into a rock tumbler machine. The rock tumbler polishes the stones until they feel silky and look shiny.

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