Amanda Denison Ringed Sunburst Neck Piece


Amanda Denison

Ringed Sunburst Neckpiece

Enamelled steel and silver on handmade silver chain

Approx 42cm long

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Amanda Denison: Ringed Sunburst Neckpiece is a dramatic environmental statement all of its own. Looking like something  between an explosion and rays of the sun, it is nevertheless abstract and punchy as a decorative piece.  Patterns contained within silver rings, radiate from a silver stud at the centre. Similar to her characteristic Slice brooches, this is a pendant which hangs from a long hand-made silver chain.

Amanda’s inspiration comes from a combination of nature and the built environment. Her studio is at the leafy edge of London and on her journey there she observes much incidental detail which finds its way into her work.

“I am intrigued by the rings on a felled tree, the peeling paint on a crumbling wall. The myriad of colours on a rusty railing might call my attention. I am also drawn to faded graffiti and eroded street markings. I bring the environment into my work (literally) by firing sands, charcoals and oxides into the enamelled surface”.

The artist’s technique

Amanda Denison works with precious and non-precious metals alongside each other. She combines industrial materials with traditional processes. Enamel is her favourite material but also she will often use silver detail and overlays. While her palette is subtle and restrained,  her works are still full of detail and incident. She deconstructs each piece after firing it in the kiln.  She abrades the layers to achieve subtle areas of hue and tone. Sometimes she likes to break down its glassy finish. Often she will leave patches of bare steel to rust. This is an integral part of the process. Finally she waxes each jewel to preserve the surface. Experimentation is key.

About the artist

Following four years studying Fine Art, Amanda spent a decade working on marketing and project management of creative projects. She then practised Shiatsu, having trained in Thailand. After this she worked in NHS healthcare as a practice manager.  So many years away from creativity led her eventually to study jewellery. She achieved a BTech Level 3. Quickly her talent was recognised. In 2016, she joined the Craft Council’s prestigious Hothouse Programme.  She exhibited at ‘One Year On’ at New Designers 2016 and was a finalist in ‘Rising Stars’ 2017. Four years on, she established her West London studio. Now she exhibits in Group Artist and Solo Shows throughout the UK and in the USA. Amanda Denison is one of our GroundJewels artists.



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