Trash Art

10 March - 2 June 2018

Works in sculpture and assemblage. The first UK exhibition for Dutch artist Jan Eric Visser who transforms all his inorganic household waste into sculpture. The discarded is the starting point for figures whose elegance transcends their origins. The exhibition included a whole body of new work including 11 new pieces made from trash found along the banks of the River Ouse in King's Lynn.

Fire and Ice

Gina Glover, Jessica Rayner & Hilary Mayo

14 October - 16 December 2017

This was an exhibition about the stresses on the environment and energy use, from fracking to solar gain. All 3 artists share a fascination with Iceland and underlying all their images are stories of climate change inspired by its dramatic landscapes....

Out of the Wood

5 November - 17 December 2016 extended to 21 January 2017

Out of the Wood celebrated trees, forests and the art of wood. The exhibition included a range of work from the lyrical to the practical. Its aim was to raise awareness of the beauty and usefulness of wood and trees in our lives, showing a variety of ways in which woods...

Bird after Bird

Shown at GroundWork Gallery, 15 July - 10 September 2017

Steel Rooms, Brigg, Lincolnshire 10 March - 28 April 2018

Bird after Bird focusing on the fragiliity and symbolism of birds, is to tour to the newly refurbished galleries at the Steel Rooms, in the North Lincolnshire town of Brigg It will include new works and a new Dutch artist, Sabine Liedke, joining Suky Best, Martin Brandsma, Patrick Haines, Jayne Ivimey, Milo Newman, Nessie Stonebridge. The tour is funded by the Arts Council and the exhibition is accompanied by discussions, workshops and round-table events.

Sunlight and Gravity

15 July - 30 October 2016

This inaugural exhibition for GroundWork, celebrated a life-long friendship between two of the most innovative artists who have worked with nature, the elements and the environment. On show were some of the reliefs by Roger Ackling from the 1980s to the 2000s made with driftwood, using the rays of the sun focused with a magnifying glass as a medium to create marks.

on the stony path

herman de vries

11 March - 1 July 2017

This was the first exhibition in the UK since the mid 1990s and the very first in England for herman de vries a very distinguished and senior figure internationally in the world of art and environment. See here a record of the exhibition, including a wonderful little film he made specially for us from his Steigerwald studio...