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The winter season in 2017 ended with markets, celebrations and sales, including King's Lynn's Christmas Market on 7 December, and on 14 December a celebration of the final week of Fire and Ice, with drinks from 6-8.

Part of a new collection of jewels by Scottish artist Lindsey Gallacher.


Pivotal - art, writing, environment

Ways to collaborate

Saturday 25 November 2017


This workshop, run by mother and daughter Jeni Smith and Alice Finbow, was the starting point for collaborative conversations and ways to generate ideas between and across visual and text-based media. People who attended were not necessarily working already in a collaborative process, or indeed mothers ad daughters.....


Jeni Smith talking to mother and daughter participants, Sue and Imi Maufe.




Last season:

Pivotal - art and writing workshop with Jeni Smith and Alice Finbow

The workshop introduced a number of ways in which artists / writers could collaborate on projects. Mother and Daughter relationships are tricky at the best of times, however Jeni Smith and Alice Finbow took this to a new level by working collaboratively on a project on a remote Finnish Island. What they learnt from this process has been turned in to an artist’s book, Pivotal, but the learning is still happening!

Jeni Smith and Alice Finbow reading from Pivotal, their book about their residency in Finland

Collaborations within the arts have been going on since time began, but understanding how the work is created can at times seem veiled and difficult to understand when collaborative outcomes can often feel effortless. Who made what? What conversations were had? Were the expectations and hopes of both parties realised? It is a complex process, even finding the right person to collaborate with can feel like an impossible task at times!

This workshop acted as the starting point for collaborative conversations and ways to generate ideas between and across visual and text-based media. It involved storytelling, writing, photography (using camera phones) and was punctuated by gales of laughter. Dr Jenifer Smith and Alice Finbow gave a reading and slide show from their collaborative project Pivotal.


Previous events

Saturday 28 October 2017: Fire and Ice: The Art of Climate Change

This event has been fully recorded and can be found in its own section under Projects and Campaigns.


Summer 2017

King's Lynn Festival

The exhibition Bird after Bird formed a very appropriate setting for  a wonderful pop-up concert one afternoon, organised by King's Lynn Festival. Flautist Annabel Knight played bird-related music to an enthralled audience.  Look out for another pop-up event in the course of being planned for 2018.