GroundWork shows the work of contemporary artists who care about how we see the world. With exhibitions and creative programmes we explore how art can enable us to respond to the changing environment and imagine how we can shape its future.


While the primary purpose of GroundWork Gallery is to show great art, the gallery was equally founded as a social space to bring people together. Here you will find details of some of the people behind it.


The building had been neglected and empty for over 20 years. It was a little relic of small-scale industry, built as a workshop in 1937 by Charles Winlove a furniture maker and publican, whose family owned a few properties nearby.


GroundWork Gallery won the prestigious Nick Reeves Award for Arts and Environment in 2017-18, as well as being on the regional shortlist for Civic Trust Awards and a finalist for the Norfolk Arts Awards. In 2018 it is on the shortlist for the Mayor's Design Awards in West Norfolk. 


Each exhibition aims to develop a new strand of interest in the environment and to stimulate related activity and events, timely in an era when we need to be increasingly wary of all kinds of threats from pollution, species loss, deforestation and climate change.