Madeleine Spencer

“The big skies of Norfolk were revolutionary to me and undoubtedly continue to affect the nature of the work I make”

Madeleine moved from her family home in Wales to study a Fine Art degree at Norwich School of Art. Her love of Welsh culture and the dynamic landscape of West Wales she grew up in, is deep rooted, yet the openness and clear light of Norfolk was a strong draw. Now living in Burnham Norton on the coast, raising her children and working from her beloved workshop, she is constantly inspired by the view of the sea and marsh from her window. A consistent thread running through her daily practice is her love of drawing: she’s currently obsessed by the hand-drawn symbols on old maps.

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Madeleine’s early jewellery saw her using found objects, making complementary juxtapositions between unlikely components. She taught herself silversmithing and after fifteen years, works predominantly in sterling silver and solid gold. She aims to keep her business as honest and
sustainable as she can. This ethical ethos extends to her recycling and valuing the materials not solely for their monetary value. It has led her to use reclaimed precious metals, celebrating the textures and details that come from her unique process of salvaging, melting-down and reforming
old unwanted metal into something exciting and contemporary.

Silver and Brass brooch by Madeleine Spencer

Madeleine’s work for Groundwork Gallery reflects her ongoing fascination with creating everyday pieces of wearable art that have had a previous life, and combining this with a translation of her varied drawings and mark-making onto the surface of the metal itself.

Honish silver necklace by Madeleine Spencer

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