Amanda Denison

‘I am intrigued by the rings on a felled tree, the peeling paint on a crumbling wall, the myriad of colours on a rusty railing and by faded graffiti and eroded street markings. I bring the environment into my work (literally) by firing sands, charcoals and oxides into the enamelled surface.’

Amanda works with precious and non-precious metals combining industrial materials (steel and industrial liquid enamels) with traditional processes (silver smithing, etching and enamelling). She incorporates patinas to add colour but her palette is subtle and restrained. Her enamels are deconstructed – after firing in a kiln she abrades the layers and the glassy finish to create subtle areas of hue and tone. Patches of bare steel are encouraged to rust, as an integral part of the process. Pieces are then waxed to preserve the surface.

Experimentation is key Amanda had a varied career before finding her real passion as a jeweller. Following a fine art degree, she worked for 10 years on marketing and project management for graphic designers. She then travelled in Thailand and was inspired to train as a Shiatsu practitioner, and following an injury, she became a practice manager in the NHS. From 2014, she studied jewellery at evening classes initially, graduating to a BTEC level 3, and was exhibited by her college at New Designers in Islington. From there, she was accepted onto the Crafts Council’s Hothouse programme, and was a finalist in Rising Stars in 2017. Her studio is in a leafy part of West London and she now exhibits internationally.

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