On the Edge

14 October - 19 December

Gordon Senior, Adam King, Antonia Beard, Fliss Carey

Antonia Beard: Whole Grain, 2018

Adam King, Storm Bird, 2018

14 October - 19 December 2019:

On the Edge: from transgression to frontier

including work by Gordon Senior, Adam King, Antonia Beard, Fliss Carey

Some of Gordon Senior’s Tools of Uncertain Use

Edges can be fascinating as places where ecosystems collide. Being edgy is to be a frontier, at the avant-garde. It can also be a place of danger, teetering over a precipice. Or there can be an edge of anticipation, a state of encouter. Several installations will form the core of this exhibition, each one raising a different edge issue. Adam King’s installation for the stairwell will be about edge spaces, suburbs, town encroaching on country. Antonia Beard will make a environmental installation developing from her work for Houghton Festival in August and Gordon Senior will show a collection of his Tools of Uncertain Use - a witty collection of sense and nonsense - possibly useful, puzzling and thought-provoking about what we save, how we make things and what gets discarded.

Antonia Beard, installation shown at the Royal College of Art, 2018