Just finished

on the stony path
herman de vries
11 March - 1 July 2017

The first exhibition in the UK of the work of herman de vries occupies the spring season at GroundWork gallery, King’s Lynn. herman de vries, now aged 85 is a grand figure in the world of art and environment...

Exhibition events

On Saturday June 10 we had an afternoon of stone indulgence. Two renowned geologists, Robin Stevenson and Tim Holt-Wilson gave talks and led discussion followed by a tour of the local stony environment....

Previous exhibitions

Out of the Wood

Out of the Wood celebrates trees, forests and the art of wood. The exhibition includes a range of work from the lyrical to the practical. Its aim is to raise awareness of the beauty and usefulness of wood and trees in our lives, showing a variety of ways in which woods...

Current exhibition

Bird after Bird

15 July - 10 September 2017

Featuring work by Suky Best, Martin Brandsma, Patrick Haines, Jayne Ivimey, Milo Newman, Nessie Stonebridge. Six remarkable artists who in their different ways has each been obsessed with the fragility of birds, examining them both tenderly and eerily, in life and death.......