Current exhibitions

TrashArt:  Works in sculpture and assemblage by Jan Eric Visser

& Upstairs: Henry/Bragg & Gina Glover & Lee Grandjean

10 March – 2nd June 2018

Visser is an artist who sees the value and potential beauty in the waste from his household. Once it has served its original purpose, all the paper and card, plastic packaging and local newsprint which comes in through the front door, becomes transformed in his studio into sculptural forms.....

Exhibition events

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Previous exhibitions

Fire and Ice: Gina Glover, Jessica Rayner & Hilary Mayo

14 October - 16 December 2017

Gina Glover is a photographer and Jessica Rayner uses the illusion of film, light and mirrors to make dramatic installations. Hilary Mayo makes ceramics. All 3 artists share a fascination with Iceland and underlying all their images are stories of climate change inspired by its dramatic landscapes....

Forthcoming exhibitions

Regarding Nature: Chrystel Lebas

23 June - 16 September 2018

Upstairs: Outfalls, Judith Tucker & Harriet Tarlo; Kathryn Hearn

Theories of the Earth: Shaun Fraser, Wayne Binitie, Flora Bowden

Oct 13– Dec 16 2018

Upstairs: Environment, Colour, Form: Laura Huston & Femke Lemmens