Current exhibitions

Fire and Ice: works by Gina Glover and Jessica Rayner, 14 October - 16 December

Gina Glover and Jessica Rayner are artists who explore the melting, changing, landscapes of climate change. Gina Glover is a photographer and Jessica Rayner uses the illusion of film, light and mirrors to make dramatic installations. Underlying their beautiful images are the stories of the stresses to the environment caused by over demanding uses of energy.

Exhibition openings are always great occasions. Here is Carol Bower, the mayor of King's Lynn giving the opening speech for Bird after Bird.

Exhibition events

Join us on Saturday October 28 from 3-6 for an afternoon of discussion about art and climate change. Artists will be talking with engineers and environmentalists in a fascinating discussion across disciplines about science, creativity, practicalities, ideas and how we might find new ways to address some of the world's increasing climate problems ....

Previous exhibitions

Bird after Bird: 15 July - 10 September 2017

Just finished, an exhibition about birds, featuring work by six remarkable artists: Suky Best, Martin Brandsma, Patrick Haines, Jayne Ivimey, Milo Newman, Nessie Stonebridge. Centering around Jayne Ivimey's remarkable studies of the 70 birds on the British Red List of endangered species the exhibition made us think about their fragility...... 

Forthcoming exhibitions

TRASH > ART: works in sculpture and assemblage by Jan Eric Visser, 9 March – 2nd June 2018

Visser is an artist who sees the value and potential beauty in the waste from his household. Once it has served its original purpose, all the paper and card, plastic packaging and local newsprint which comes in through the front door, becomes transformed in his studio into sculptural forms.....