Each season of exhibitions is accompanied by different events, which might be conferences, small discussions, art and writing workshops. Everything we organise is about developing a greater understanding of art and the environment.

Coming soon

Come to a new Tea for Trees event on 13 March, 4.30 - 6 to find out how our tree planting campaign is going and to join in the next fund-raising phase. We have an ongoing campaign for new street trees to be planted in the town of King's Lynn. It is a joint initiative between GroundWork Gallery, the Civic Society and the Borough Council.

Current events

Artist Sarah Caputo spent the week of 21st January on project GRTF994135, laying out finds from a metre cube test pit from her garden. The project began as an experiment, using the gallery while it was closed, just to see what the finds would look like. It turned out to be beautiful and fascinating. So much interest and variety from earth, stones, the ordinary rubbish of ages.

Previous events

Once events are past, they are not forgotten. Here you will find records  of past events, some of which are part of ongoing programmes. If you missed them the brief accounts here will give you a flavour of what happened...