Exhibitions at GroundWork stimulate discussion and greater knowledge between artists, creators, community leaders, scientists, campaigners, and local people. We host regular events in the gallery to explore the themes of our exhibitions.  Make sure to sign up to our mailings via our contact page here to be the first to know about events at GroundWork.

Saturday 10 November 2-5

Environment and memory

a Poetry workshop with Emilie Dufresne


Thoresby College, Queen St. home of the King's Lynn Preservation Trust

Friday 30 November

In King's Lynn, Thoresby College and GroundWork Gallery


Saturday 10th November.

Time: 2.00-5.00

Environment and Memory

A poetry workshop with Emilie Dufresne

This will be a psychogeography poetry workshop that will ask people to consider memory of place and experience of place over time. The workshop will include walks around the town, inviting participants to experience their environment blind, and then later in the workshop try and retrace their steps and see how they experience the environment differently.

The idea is to explore how memories change how we experience place, especially those places we have known previously and subsequently revisit. It comes from a body of work of mine and I will read some of this at the workshop as well. 

Cost: £8

Friday 30 November 11.00 - 5.00 pm

Theories of the Earth - What are they?

Who understands theory? What do all the terms mean? Is theory useful? And to whom?

Does it need de-coding?

A number of experts involved in disciplines relevant to Theories of the Earth - and art and environment -  will talk to us about theory - and how it relates to practice. There will be lots of time and opportunity for discussion.

Speakers include: Colin Waters

Principal geologist, British Geological Survey & Hon Prof Leicester University

Bergit Arends

Curator, formerly at the Natural History Museum

 - the anthropocene in relation to contemporary art

Tim Holt Wilson, writer, geologist, earth scientist

Wayne Binitie, artist

Flora Bowden, artist

Luce Choules, artist