The aim is for each exhibition to  stimulate discussion and greater knowledge. We aim to get to know the artists and hear more in detail about their work. Special events explore the impact of the exhibitions more broadly in terms of the way we think about the environment.

Out of the Wood


Previous events

Trees in the town 12 December 2016 and 1 February 2017

During the Out of the Wood exhibition there were two events to talk about trees. The first was a party, tour round the gallery and talks by the artists and a chance to gather tree stories for the Woodland Trust's Tree charter campaign The second was an evening of talks and discussion about trees in the town, aiming at professionals in the field, developers, people responsible for planning the environment and tree planting in the town of King's Lynn. At the event we resolved to work together some more and this has now led to further thinking and planning. One of the interim results is the campaign outlined here:  Trees and environment

Trees in Town discussion on 1st February 2017