The aim is for each exhibition to  stimulate discussion and greater knowledge. We aim to get to know the artists and hear more in detail about their work. Special events explore the impact of the exhibitions more broadly in terms of the way we think about the environment.


On the Stony Path

The audience assembled on March 11, after the opening of 'on the stony path', 'and waiting to listen to Co Seegers talking about herman's work, Tom Baskeyfield and Mario Popham talking about 'Shaped by Stone' and Sibylle Eimermacher talking about 'The Meandering Eye'.

It was good fun and I enjoyed meeting such an interesting and varied group of people

Sharing stories of stone. Tim Holt Wilson discussing stones brought in by audience.

Just to say cheers for an enjoyable afternoon and learning about geology

Stories in Stone:  Saturday June 10. 2017.

Taking our inspiration from herman’s stones gathered from around the world, we spent time in the company of geologists Robin Stevenson and Tim Holt Wilson as they took us through the story of stone: the varieties we may encounter, the Earth processes that have gone into their making over immense stretches of time, the past life recorded in them as fossils.

Robin Stevenson and Tim Holt Wilson talking about the stones on display at GroundWork from herman de vries's 3 places of action: Steigerwald, Digne les Bains and Gavdos, Greece.

The event was truly a mini-course in geology and history. As well as being an opportunity to get to know herman’s rocks better, it became a journey in place and time, as we ventured out into King’s Lynn to seek out varieties of stones and sediments used in building its townscape. The breadth of what we saw was astonishing, evidence both of the deepest histories of geology, but also of trade, exchange and chance survivals, as we discovered how far stretched the web of King’s Lynn’s natural and cultural linkages.