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What Language Do You Speak?

The documentary film "What Language Do You Speak?" shows the universal nature of identity defined by language. 

Thursday March 14, 4 - 6.

Brazil - 2017, 65 min Director: Elisa Bracher

Main Language Portuguese, English sub-titles. The film includes interviews or fragments also in English, Somali and many other languages.

About Elisa Bracher:

A native of São Paulo, Elisa Bracher graduated in Fine Arts from Fundação Armando Álvares Penteado (FAAP) and specialized in metal engraving with Evandro Carlos Jardim and Cláudio Mubarac. In 1997, she founded Instituto Acaia, a nongovernmental organization which welcomes children and teenagers from communities surrounding her studio, in West Side of São Paulo, for workshops and courses. Works of hers are in public spaces in Brazil, England and Germany, as well as in various public and private art collections. She is a multimedia artist and works with different languages, as wood and metal engravings; drawings; sculptures and photograpy.

At that time people didn’t understand us. Kids would laugh at you in class, if you said the wrong thing, or if you spoke differently. Because of that there was no other option than to stay quiet. And you had to try hard, try hard to be invisible
— A girl from Somalia, migrated to UK

For the Water Rising Events programme we are working with Anglian Water’s Keep It Clear Campaign on an exciting range of community-focused events aiming at a greater understanding of the way water flows through the town and is kept healthy. On 17 March we will host a multi-disciplinary conference at Thoresby College to look at water futures, threats, innovations.


Friday 30 November

In King's Lynn, Thoresby College and GroundWork Gallery

Thoresby College, Queen St. home of the King's Lynn Preservation Trust

Professor Colin Waters


Bergit Arends


Tim Holt-Wilson

Flora Bowden

Wayne Binitie

Luce Choules


Shot in Brazil and England, the film addresses the great migratory movement in the world today, with millions of people fleeing from wars, natural disasters or social circumstances that hinder their survival. Facing many risks to reach the places they think are habitable, or even where they have been sent by international aid programs, people try to overcome traumas and sorrows to start over. This way, children and adults who have had to adapt to an environment where their own language is not understandable, tell about their experiences in Brazil, Britain and India. Each experience is unique, but learning the language appears to be the key to being treated as an equal.