Out of the Wood , now into Extra Time!

Out of the Wood, now into Extra Time!


Extra time! and Other Stories


Extra Time!  There are further opportunities to see the current Out of the Wood exhibition at the GroundWork Gallery in December 2016 and January 2017, so don’t miss out.  The exhibition will be open on the following Fridays and Saturdays between 11.00 am - 4 pm: 

Friday 30 December  

Saturday 6 January     

Saturday 7 January         

Friday 13 January      

Saturday 14 January          

Friday 20 January   

Saturday 21 January

or by appointment: mail@groundworkgallery.com


Tree Stories

On Monday 12 December 2016, GroundWork hosted a fun and informative evening of Art and Trees.  Many thanks to all who attended and to those who have already donated their Tree Stories for the Woodland Trust Charter for Trees, Woods and People campaign. Lucy Faulkner-Gawlinski's wonderful tale of her two walnut trees, Pippa Turlow’s lone childhood tree and Benjamin Musgrave’s lovely lilac tree are the first of your personal Tree Stories. We plan to share more Tree Stories throughout 2017.  Keep the stories coming.

Email them, together with any accompanying photos, to mail@groundworkgallery.com. 

Lucy Faulkner-Gawlinski:  A Walnut Tree I was a widow with three little boys.  I had to find a house for us to start our new life in.  The house I found had a mature walnut in the back garden.  I loved it - the smooth bark, the horizontal branches, one of which quickly became a swing branch and the spicy scent of the leaves in the spring was the best thing of all.  A few years went by and my brother, who was training as a boatbuilder, came and built a treehouse for us.  It was a perfect place to sit with a book amongst the leaves and it was also the site of a memorable water fight.

Then I found I was in love, and with someone who was prepared to take on my three-not-so-little boys.  So we had to move house.  I was sorry to leave the tree and the tree house.  As I was scraping up the last crop of walnuts, I found one that had split and had a shoot emerging.  So, I took it and it was the first thing I planted in the new garden.  It is now a substantial tree and I have my eye on one particular branch for the grandchildren’s swing. 

Pippa Thurlow:  The Lone Tree In December 1940, my father, a soldier aged 28 years, married my mother, not yet aged 18. A decision probably predicated by the death of my grandmother’s fiancé at Gallipoli. She was a sister on a hospital ship based at Alexandria at the time. She did go to Gallipoli. Apart from the occasional desultory lodgings through the war, my parents did not have a home or life together until 1948. My sister was born in 1942, myself in 1945.  Our early years were spent with our mother at our grandparents house in a rural Essex village. A few fields away up a sloping footpath on the skyline stood a lone tree. This was our walk, or rather where small legs ran to get there first, and to find our mother’s initial ‘K’ carved in the bark by our father.  Over the years the tree became gaunt, the bark more deeply rutted, the ‘K' distorted and more difficult to find. But perhaps there begins my love and respect of trees. In my mind I can search those bark ridges with my fingers still.   

Benjamin Musgrave: The Lilac Tree  From my bedroom window, I could always see my neighbours' lilac tree on the edge between our gardens.  I loved that lilac tree.  It marked the seasons and let me feel outdoors inside.  When my neighbours got older, they could no longer manage their garden and cut everything down, including the lilac tree.  Months passed and our street was not right without it.  In 2005, I planted a lilac tree a metre away from where the tree once stood.  I have since moved out of that room but I hope whoever looks out at it now enjoys what I used to.  

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GroundWork Calendar 2017

We have created a downloadable pdf GroundWork Calendar 2017 which includes some of the national and international environmental awareness days in 2017.  Merry Christmas and an Inspiring New Year 2017.

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Pippa Lacey, December 2016


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