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Welcome to GroundLevel GroundWork Gallery Blog.  Our blog will provide a regular virtual window into the workings and musings of the remarkable GroundWork art gallery, a new space committed to all aspects of the environment, and to the artists and designers whose ideas and works enable others to think about the fundamental elements of the world which we inhabit.

Our first posting offers an introduction to the recently inaugurated GroundWork Gallery, established July 2016.  We invite you to visit the Gallery in King’s Lynn, to explore the GroundWork website and to keep an eye open for forthcoming educational events, talks and discussions. Please sign up to our mailing list to receive regular GroundLevel postings.

This month, GroundWork launches a new exhibition Out of the Wood, 5 November to 17 December 2016.  Out of the Wood celebrates trees, forests and the art of wood through the work of ten artists and designers:  Dominic Ash, Lorraine Bewick, Lee Grandjean, Doo Gurney, Ian Tyson, Calum McClure, Par Avion, Tim Plunkett, Tim Simmons and Tara Books & Gond artists from India.  This arboreal exhibition marks the beginning of a year-long Trees, Woods and People campaign by the Woodland Trust culminating with a Charter in November 2017. GroundWork has signed up as one of more than 50 Woodland Trust’s charter champions and will work through 2017 to raise awareness of the importance of trees, woods and forests, in King’s Lynn and beyond.

GroundWork is a new contemporary art gallery located in the heart of King’s Lynn, a pebble’s throw from the historic Purfleet Quay. There are several unusual things about GroundWork and its founding concept that make this gallery an important addition to King’s Lynn, to the national art scene and the international contemporary art world:  the Gallery’s broad vision, its pioneering aims and commitment to the environment and the building itself, transformed from a modest derelict brick building into a sleek town centre arts hub.  

GroundWork is the vision of Director, Veronica Sekules, a passionate environmentalist with a wealth of experience working in art galleries and museums.  GroundWork is dedicated to all aspects of the environment : from the wider atmosphere, the landscape, sea and shore, to its physical elements, stones, sand, water, mud, trees and plants.  Veronica’s concept is to reflect and show the ways in which artists record its character, its beauties, its puzzles and its threats and dangers.

Veronica Sekules says: “GroundWork aims to be a centre of activity, information, discussion and conviviality where people see and enjoy art, which helps them to think about the environment more deeply.” By bringing together and displaying works local, national and international artists, Veronica plans to encourage conversations and debates about the world in which we live and the ways that as humans we interact, respond and are inspired by our environment.

Environmental Passion Veronica Sekules brings more than 30 years of experience working with artists both as curator and as an educationalist.  She was Curator, Head of Education and Research and Deputy Director of the Sainsbury Centre for Visual Arts, University of East Anglia.  During her career, she ran many projects, including Culture of the Countryside a three-year Heritage Lottery funded programme between 2008 – 2011. The project aimed ‘to encourage a better understanding of the culture and heritage of the East Anglian countries through direct engagement with the Sainsbury Centre collections of art from around the world’. Her forthcoming book, Cultures of the Countryside and the Museum, is published by Taylor & Francis and traces the relationship between the museum and the micro-cultures of the countryside over the last 50 years, including: agricultural mechanisation, rural depopulation and changing demographics, the growth of environmental activism and the development of the heritage industry.

Veronica was one of the editors for World Art, a journal published by Routledge. She trained as an art historian, has an MA in education, a PhD in Medieval Art and is an active educational researcher and writer specialising in the Middle Ages and 20th-century art, she is widely published in these areas. She is also a member of the Children in Museums Award committee and currently chair of judges.

Phil Levene