Here you will find some definitions of what we mean by art+environment, some suggestions for ways in which art engages with the environment, some events and projects we are engaging in, and some of the organisations and associates who partner us in our work.


GroundWork has a growing number of artist-associates who share its aims. Art and artists can help us to be more observant, to see the world carefully. Artists recognise change and help us to prepare for it.....


Current and forthcoming events are outlined here. GroundWork is a great place for small meetings, seminars, informal gatherings. See examples here of what we are planning and what we have been up to. 


The environment covers everything from the air we breathe, the ground we walk on, the spaces we live in, the surroundings which frame our lives, localities, lands and seas. Everything in our environment is interconnected and every action we make has repurcussions...


Ideas, themes and projects

Think globally, act locally is one of the original mantras of the environment movement. For us this means that big ideas must have a local impact.  Look here for some of our ongoing themes, campaigns: stuff which is part of all of our work for art and environment.....